Poster: The Two Faces of Fascism: How Police Are Complicit in the Rise of Fascism — CrimethInc.

In May, Jeremy Christian, an alt-right proponent of so-called “free speech,” murdered two people on a commuter train in Portland who were responding to his attacks on two teenage women of color. In response, far-right organizers promoted a rally in favor of “free speech” to take place in downtown Portland on June 4. Portland Police, […]

via Poster: The Two Faces of Fascism: How Police Are Complicit in the Rise of Fascism — CrimethInc.

Alt Right On a Crashing Plane

Close your mind

Open your mouth

Cover your ears

Pretend not to hear

Deny the truth

Think you got nothing to lose

Shut out millions of screaming voices

Believe it’s not happening.

Convince yourself no need to worry

Ignore it’s before your eyes

Spiral down together

Realize a golden parachute will not save you from the flames

Lie about this crash

We’ll lay motionless all the same 

First though we’ll all feel insufferable pain.




Orange Hitler Inaguration

  • The news showed me repeated images of several broken windows and one car on fire. I know there was some property damage in several cities. Much of it to financial institutions and corporations that have broken countless laws and committed violent actions across the world. Some was random and unfortunate. It also showed me one assault by a protester on a leading neo Nazi propaganda leader Richard Spencer. Quite frankly anyone willing to expunge the idea of exterminating Jews, Muslims, gays, trans or latinos has that coming to them. Across the country tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, sound cannons, billy clubs, fists, and even concussion grenades were used against activists. Maybe you all should take better notice. Being silent and doing nothing when people within our friends and family and even just those around us potentially have so much to lose is not an option in my mind. Since our election systems are flawed, my vote is worth less living in a populated area, I can not buy a politician, and politicians do not care about the will of the people it makes more active activism and civil disobedience necessary. We are at a crossroads though where many are willing to disregard the civil part. The will and needs of the people have been ignored leaving many struggling to cope. Let’s overwhelm Trump everyday until he leaves office by showing him community trumps hate.